Thursday, June 3, 2010

Low Cut Bras

The Balcony Bra

The balcony bra is a low cut bra that has only about a half cup instead of a full one. One of the biggest benefits of this low cut bra is the way it works with a woman's figure. This type of low cut bra provides a slightly larger bust, and works well with a woman's natural figure. It also works well with most types of dresses and tops.

The 3/4 Cup Bra

This is a great low cut bra since it goes well with almost any kind of top, whether it's low cut or not. The slightly smaller cups allow for more support while still allowing your neckline to dip just a little bit lower. One of the better benefits of this low cut bra is that it can be worn with normal clothes as well, working its way into your regular rotation. The extra support provides a little bit more confidence as well when wearing a revealing top.

The Plunge Bra

This is one of the more popular low cut bras, with angled cups and a middle that plunge down farther than your normal bra. While this one can't be put into your normal rotation, it does give you the ability to wear extremely low cut and v-neck tops while still wearing a bra that can fully support you.

The Suction Bra

This bra is put on hear because there isn't a cut to begin with. Suction bras work by either suctioning to the front of your breast or being glued there while you're wearing your top. This hides all the important areas, provides a great deal of comfort, and will stay secure for the length of your day.

On top of the different types of low cut bras, you also have selection options as far as material, colors and patterns go. Most of these bras are available as strapped or strapless, but you may be compromising support depending on how it fits you. Remember, you should always try a bra on before buy it, since low cut bras can be a little on the more expensive side.

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