Saturday, June 26, 2010

Funny story- Bra Strap and Thong Showing

Bra Strap and Thong Showing

One day I was getting ready for school. I put on a bra, underwear (thongs), and a shirt,then skinny jeans and socks and my "Vans".

I was walking to school and I was wondering why people were looking at me. I was sitting in my chair and this girl said pull your pants up I said "ok". As i pulled my pants up some guy slapped my ass. The guy was also looking at my boobs. He wasnt looking at my Breasts. He was looking at my zebra print bra strap.


I tucked my bra strap in my shirt in and that was gone ,but I couldnt understand why people were looking at me.I said to my self ,"I pulled up my pants,I tucked in my bra strap, so what else is it that they are looking at me for?"

I asked my friend and she said "Ummmmm Ashlee you should really pull your pants up." i was like "OMG MY THONGS ARE SHOWING I FORGOT TO PUT ON A BELT!"

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