Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why do women wear bras?

Do you or your breasts really feel more comfortable with or without bras?

This would depend, first of all, on the breast size, and secondly, on the woman's habits. Very large and heavy-breasted women usually need to wear bras for support, and they feel pain and discomfort if they don't wear bras.

Women with small-to-medium size breasts, if they are used to wearing bras, probably feel a little uncomfortable without them. However, this is more a psychological issue and a question of habit: women tend to feel awkward or self-conscious without bras if they are used to wearing them. In fact, when a person gets used to automatically wearing bras, it's possible to not even notice or pay any attention to the slight discomfort from bras.

Thinking about it, can you sense any discomfort and/or tightness from your bra? When you take your bra off, do you feel something similar to the feeling when you have eaten your belly full at a restaurant, and you loosen your belt a little? Can you possibly even see little red marks on your skin after taking bra off? If you answer yes to these questions, your breasts may be trying to tell you something!

So why?

"Because breasts need to be supported."

"Because I feel immoral or indecent without bras."

"Because everybody does so, or in other words the unspoken rules of society so dictate."

"I need to wear bras for my job since it's the dress code."

"Because I hate the thought of my breasts sagging so much."

Discomform from sweat and 'slapping':

"Because I want to give the illusion of a larger breast size."

"Because they jump up and down while I exercise and do sports."

"Because I am breastfeeding and I need to wear nursing bras."

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